Cuisine influenced by culture

Recognized globally for its flavourful food, there’s no better way to get to know Jamaica than through the stomach! Fresh food to suit your palette  is brought to your Villa with delights ranging from local market produce like breadfruit, scotch-bonnet peppers and sweet sop to name a few. For the less adventurous, Villa staff will prepare your favourite dishes or maybe you want to learn how to make ackee and salt-fish – the Jamaican national dish – guided by  your Villa Chef. Off site you can find many amazing restaurants and if you really want to deep dive, why not ascend the Blue Mountains region to sample coffee beans at their source, and then indulge in a locally grown, farm-to-table supper under the stars. PRE-TRIP WE WILL HELP YOU PLAN MEALS AND BEVERAGES

Creole Food.jpg

We be Jamming Jamaican

Seafood Dish

Now you See Seafood

Chinese Food.jpg

Jamaican Chinese? Who Knew

When in Rome eat as they do, so just ask your Villa Chef to give you a sample of Island food, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the flavourful and or spicy array that awaits you. Jerk of course is on the menu too

An Island has abundant fresh catches of the day and if you're not allergic, then lots of shrimp, lobster and crab (in season) is there to scoop up in your net, deliciously prepared by the staff for your dining pleasure.

When Chinese foods meet Jamaican cuisine you get an incredible blend of fusion. From the far east to the west indies your mouth will thank you

Indian Food.jpg

Indian (West Side)

American food.jpg

Nice North American


 Eye Italian

Jamaican food comes out of its national motto " Out of Many One People", so Indian food is inherited from the immigrants who came ashore and over time adapted to Jamaica's ingredients to produce authentic yet unique flavours of Indian cuisine

Being so close to North America has meant foods from there, were introduced and stuck, so if you still want a taste of the best of the west then it's available too 

Being in Jamaica doesn't mean you have to "forget about it' If you love Italian food, then boy have we got a taste of Italy for you. And there's some good restaurants as well  to visit. Either way, at the villa or off site, you wont forget about it!

Grilled Steak
Fruity Cocktails
Chocolate Dessert

`Meat' and Greet and Eat


Don't Desert Dessert

We get it, the steak and potatoes cravings are well deserved after a strenuous day golfing and swimming to put back those energy blocks. Jamaica grade beef is exceptional and you won't be hungry after.


Whether you like fruity mixes, beer, wines or spirits, your villa will be pre-stocked to suit your needs. And oh, by the way, the Villa staff make sure you never have an empty glass

Veg Pakoras

Whether you're a chocoholic, an ice creamer, or lavish on exotic tropical fruits, plated with cheeses and the like, Jamaica has it all. The cooking staff will delight you with unique creations as well.

Vegetarian Food

Casual Caribbean


Special Needs

Sometimes you just want pizza, sandwiches or casual. And the kids sure won't argue with that, so once you let the staff know, it's a go! And if you need some Jamaican "Pepper" Roni  Scotch bonnet sauce on top, can be as hot hot hot as you like

There's one in every group. You don't want that hunk of meat. Jamaican spices and ground provisions as well as beans and other amazing ingredients offer an alternative that will make any meat eater convert. We call it Ital food

Outside of these examples here, there are many other options to choose from. Simply let us know and especially if there are any Special Needs or allergies, we'll be well informed to prepare in advance