The Experience

Choose the best activities for you

Kick back and relax at your villa, explore local spots, hike the Blue Mountains, deep sea fish or golf  and lots more

Most guests who stay in a private, luxury villa often comment that it’s so incredibly relaxing, while being exhilarating at the same time. Some vacationers say that while they can do anything their hearts desire, they prefer to just chill.


Other guests say they want to explore the surroundings, maybe go to a restaurant, play a round of golf, do a little local shopping or embark on a guided tour. Some like a mix of both options.


While we are not a tour company, we have local on-the-ground, trusted 3rd parties, with whom we can easily arrange your off-site activities.


Don’t worry, we’ll give you a full list when we meet online to discuss you pre-trip plans.

Customized Curated Trips

For the more adventurous, our team can guide you through a myriad of opportunities to see the country the way it was created to be seen, from a local perspective. Drive the countryside, explore the foliage on a mountain top or go horseback riding on a sandy beach trail.

Food and Culture

If you’re a foodie - take advantage of the Villas’ personal chefs’ cuisine, tailor-made to your culinary delight, or perhaps head out and taste the island from a local, cultural perspective.

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